Tell the Conservative government: take action now to STOP SEWAGE DUMPING in Chelsea and Fulham

Every week, Thames Water dumps tons of raw sewage into our Thames – 78 times last year just in the Chelsea and Fulham stretch (Environment Agency data). Water companies are doing the same across the country.

Instead of sorting this mess out, our local Conservative MP has blocked tough action to end sewage dumping.

It is time to stop the sewage dumping. We need Thames and other water companies to face automatic fines for sewage discharges and a legally binding target to reduce sewage dumping without delay.

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The Tory sewage scandal has polluted waters and open spaces across the country, with filthy raw sewage.

Labour Party analysis shows that over the last seven years, 1,276 years’ worth of raw sewage has been dumped into British waters. On average, this equates to a new Tory-sanctioned sewage dumping event taking place every two-and-a-half minutes.

Thames Water dumped raw sewage 78 times just in the Chelsea and Fulham stretch of the Thames last year, according to the Environment Agency. There were 824 sewage dumps a day on average in places where people live, work and holiday.

Thirteen years of Tory government has taken our country backwards, allowing it to be treated as an open sewer. Not one English river is classed as being in a healthy condition, none meets good chemical standards and few meet good ecological standards.

To make matters worse, not only have the Conservatives given the green light to water companies to dump sewage and neglect our vital water infrastructure, but they have also rewarded them for this by allowing shareholders to get billions in dividends and with bumper bonuses for water bosses who are not delivering in the public interest.

Conservative MPs have twice had the opportunity to end sewage dumping by supporting Labour plans to amend the Environment Act 2021 and introduce the Water Quality (Sewage Discharge) Bill 2023.

However, instead of putting the country first, Tory MPs walked through the voting lobbies to block these changes and continue the Tory sewage scandal.

No-one should have to worry about enjoying our areas of outstanding beauty or encountering raw sewage by taking a dip in our waters. No business should have to worry about Tory-sanctioned sewage dumping affecting their trade.

Labour would stop the sewage dumping by introducing:

  • A legal requirement for the monitoring of all sewage outlets and penalties for failures in adhering to monitoring requirements
  • Automatic penalties for sewage dumping
  • A legally binding target to end the Tory sewage scandal
  • A requirement for the Secretary of State to publish a strategy for the reduction of sewage discharges and regular economic impact assessments.

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