The Conservative Government has broken its pledge to refurbish Charing Cross “floor by floor” by 2030 and to rebuild Hammersmith and St Mary’s Hospitals by 2030, abandoning a major election promise to residents in Chelsea and Fulham.

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust says this will be ”hugely damaging for the health and healthcare of hundreds of thousands of people”.

We urge the government to honour its promise and undertake desperately needed building works by 2030 at Charing Cross, Hammersmith and St Mary’s Hospitals to keep patients and staff safe.


Every week, Thames Water dumps tons of raw sewage into our Thames – 78 times last year just in the Chelsea and Fulham stretch (Environment Agency data). Water companies are doing the same across the country.

Instead of sorting this mess out, our local Conservative MP has blocked tough action to end sewage dumping.

It is time to stop the sewage dumping. We need Thames and other water companies to face automatic fines for sewage discharges and a legally binding target to reduce sewage dumping without delay.